Dotnet Interview Questions 2

    1. Global.asax Events
    2. What are Enumerators? Iterators? Indexers? Array Lists? Hash tables?
    3. Difference between System.Copy.Array () and System. Clone ()?
    4. What is serialization? Difference types of serialization? How they will be related to above question?
    5. Difference types of cursors?
    6. Deterministic and Nondeterministic destruction?
    7. ASP.NET page life cycle
    8. Datagrid events
    9. Types of triggers
      • After
      • Before
      • Insteadof
    10. Types of cursors.
      • Forward Only
      • Static
      • KeySet
      • Dynamic
    11. Types of Stored procedures
      • Extended Stored procedures
      • User defined stored procedures
            12.    Initial Catalog – Database name   Data Source – Server Name
            13.    <Sessionstate mode=
      • ”inproc” (within the same aspnet_wp process)
      • “SQLServer” (db tables)
      • “Stateserver” (aspnet_state.exe our application is in one process and state  management variables(i.e. application session variables) in another process .Both will communicate with TPC/IP)
           14.     What is impersonation?
           15.     Authorization tag syntax in web.config?
           16.     What are cookieless sessions and persistent sessions?
           17.     What is SQL Injection
 JavaStream  Technologies
  1. Difference between web.config and machine.config?what is the main use of these files?
  2. What is caching? Types
  3.  Difference between Dataset and Datareader? Internal architecture? when and in which scenarios they will be used?
  4. 3 tier architecture.why it is preferrable than single tier architecture?Ans: Reusable class files
  5. Hidden variables,State variables?
  6. Session objects and application objects
  7. Access specifiers in C#
  8. Stored procedure use:
  9. Web services
  10. Triggers
  11. IIS Architecture : How IIS interacts with ASP page?
  12. ASP objects – Session,Response,Request,
  13. Response.Redirect,Server.Transfer,Server.Execute?
  14. Request.Querystring – Get and post methods
  15. Datagrid page index,db connections
  16. Data repeater
  17. How to do validations  in Javascript?
  18. C# collections
  19. In sql server u have an o/p parameter then how to get that in front end?- output direction
  20. Oops concepts
  21. .NET security
  22. DTO collections

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