Interview questions – Part III


Sql Server:
  1. what are pseudo tables?
  2. what are temporaray tables? what is the use of temporary tables? create table #temptable
  3. what are local and global variables? how to declare them? local variables – @, global variables – @@ temporary variables – #
  1. What are structures?
  2. what are properties?how to declare properties(more no.of questions)?
  3. what is a sealed class?
  4. how to declare a switch statement?
  5. ASP.NET access modifiers?
  6. Differences between ASP and APS.NET
  7. what is the use of Autoevent wireup property of page directive and what is its default value?
  8. If datagrid page size =15 then what is the value of viewstate? – 15
  9. enum e1:uint   { 
        left: 30
        right              }    Explanation: Inheritance is used, not accepts -ve value
   10. interface declaration?
   11. State management variables?
   12. Session state mode= inproc,outproc,sqlserverstate
   13. worker process – aspnet_wp
   14. C# access modifiers
GrayMatter Technologies(Mumbai):
  1. How did you rate yourself in C#,Asp.NET,Sql Server(common question)?
  2. what are your experiences/strengths & weaknesses while coding?(common question)?
  3. what is indexing in SQl Server?
  4. what is lock encapsulation?
  5. what is multiple inheritance is there in C# or not?
  6. what is interface?
  7. what is your role in the company?(common question)?
  8. what is connection pooling?
  9. what is app domain?
  10. what is Application life cycle?
  11. Difference between System.string and system.stringbulider?
  12. how to inherit the class?
  1. When serialization is used?
  2. Difference between finalize/dispose methods?
  3. what is boxing and unboxing?
DTLC Commands: Commit,Rollback,Savepoint
DCLC Commands: Grant,Revoke
  1. What is Assembly?Types?
  2. .NET framework?
  3. can we execute one sp in another sp?- one sp is returning one data table and another sp is returning datatable.Then in the front end can we get the data of both the tables?
  4. what is VSS? how linking can takes place?
  5. In VSS, how multiple users work?how to create baseline?
  6. In VSS,if 2 users checked in the files with same ID from  different locations,how to configure this environment in VSS?
  7. what is Microsoft  visio? Microsoft Project Plan?
  8. Create a procedure that is taking a1,a2 as input values and a3 as output value.How to use this output parameter in .NET? Sqlparameter.Outputdirection
  9. Default hidden variable in ASP.NET – ViewState
  10. What is a stored procedure? when will it be used?
  11. Write a property in C#.Can we call a property of one class from another class if property is declared as private.
  12. what are the access modifiers in .NET? – private,protected,public,protected internal and Internal?
  13. Factorial program using recursion?
  14. IIS Authentication modes?
  15. Difference between Basic and anonymous users?
  16. what is satellite assembly?
  17. What is candidate key,composite key differences?
  18. what is the difference primary key and unique key?
  19. without web.config ,global.asax etc can we run the application? – Yes
Two Connect -Benny Mathew:
  1. What is protected internal modifier?
  2. Explain the garbage collection concept in C#
  3. what is the use of virtual keyword concept in C#?
  4. what is APP Domain?
  5. what is Remoting – (Marshal By Ref and Marshal By Value)
  6. what is web service?
  7. Using keyword  that comes in coding
  8. .NET framework – CLR?
  9. what is debug & Trace?
  10. Authentication Types?
  11. In C# how to convert string to an int type
  12. Server.Transfer ,Response.Redirect,Server.Execute?
Chennai- Rashmi – GI:
  1. XML,Webservices
  2. What is localization and globalization?
  3. what is composite key? – 2 or 3 columns(primary key) used to identify a unique record   (1 composite key in a table)
  4. what is the use of ExecuteScalar?  what it returns?
  5. what is shared assembly?
  6. what is boxing and unboxing?
  7. what is implicit and explicit type conversions?
  8. when will we use interfaces & abstract classes?
  9. what is polymorphism? types
  11. what is viewstate?
  12. difference between data reader,data adapter which one is connection oriented?
  13. what are the steps that are used to make the assembly satellite?
  14. Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer?
Candidate Key:  – a table can have more than 1 combination of columns that could uniquely identify the rows/records in a table
                             – 2,3 columns but need not be primary keys
                             – any no. of candidate keys on a table
Alternate keys : –  All candidate keys except composite key.
                               –  A candidate key is a composite key
C# 2.0 
IS keyword:  comparing two objects
AS keyword:  typecasting
                   If not typecasted it will return null instead of an exception.If we use parseint if not typecasted then it will return exception

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