.NET Interview questions Part- VII

  1. what is the DLL that is used to run the ASP.NET file?
  2. How to convert private assembly into shared assembly?
  3. Difference between where and having clause?
  4. How the data is submitted from one page to another page?- Querystring,Response.Redirect,Server.Transfer
  5. CTS rules
  6. what are the default methods of a class – Tostring(),Equals(),GetHashCode(),GetValueType() – all this is derived from System.Object
  1. Difference between Interface and abstract class?
  2. what is inheritance?
  3. what is polymorphism? -operator overloading
  4. What are scalar functions and aggregate funcion?
  5. what are ACID rules?
  6. How to populate a datagrid from a combobox,what all the properties and events of the combox that are used- Selectedindexchanged
  7. How to populate a combobox
  8. how to declare a delegate?Types of delegates?
TCS Bombay:

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