.NET Interview Questions Part-VIII

Written Test (Online)


  1. Array list
  2. Double/string is value type or reference type?
  3. Namespace for security.

Ans: System.security, System.Runtime.Security, System.netsecurity

  1. If parts of a file & xml is not well formed exception will throw
  2. Valid common mechanism in .NET remoting.


Sharepoint Questions


  1. What are site groups?
  2. Roles in Share point?
  3. How to provide permissions to the document in the document library?

(so that only the permitted users can access the documents)

  1. CAML queries- what are the two ways of using them?
  2. Diff b/w ASP.NET web parts and Share point web parts?
  3. Default Share point web parts?
  4. How to communicate custom web parts?
  5. Core components in Share point portal server (SPS)?
  6. SPS architecture?

10.  Diff b/w MOSS and WSS?

11.  What makes the SPS as server?

12.  Without hard coding the document library name how to get the documents from all the libraries?

13.  content management server

14.  _Layout purpose?

15.  How to link SQL server and SPS?

16.  What are the tables of SQL server where the data from SPS is stored?

17.  Content placeholder control?

18.  How to place images in portal Server?

19.  How to customize sites in portal server?

20.  Name the default web parts that are present in master page?

21.  Site administrator?

22.  Diff b/w site and sub area?



Omni Cell:


  1. Shadowing VB.NET
  2. Diff b/w function overloading, operator overloading?
  3. In state management what is context?
  4. Diff ways to override – one is abstract what is the other one?
  5. What is virtual method?
  6. Diff C# constructors. When to use static constructors? What is the purpose?
  7. What is polymorphism? Diff ways in C#?
  8. What is partial class? When to use partial class?
  9. What is garbage collection? An object is residing in generation 2 that is a long lived object. From the code u called GC.Finalize () method, what will happen to that object?

10.  How to secure assemblies?

11.  What is default encryption method in .NET?

12.  What is the advantage of delay signing?

13.  Can we use WCF in web application?

14.  Can we use data reader in web service? Ans : NO

15.  What is ASP.NET connection pooling?

16.  What is connection pooling in SQL server?

17.  In web.config, we took <custom errors mode=”On” and we specify the link as error.htm, if error occurs in the application will it display error.html file?

18.  Diff types of triggers in SQL server?

19.  What is the use of instead of trigger?

20.  Diff types of indexes in SQL server?



Accenture written test


  1. Is .NET supports Deterministic destruction?
  2. Thread safe
  3. Lock,Mutex,Signal
  4. What is application domain?
  5. What is stack trace?
  6. 6.      Whether exception raises or not code in the finally block will be executed. True/False – Ans : True
  7. How to use COM + in .NET

Ans: tlbimp, tlbexp

  1. What is a static constructor?
  2. What are MarshalByRef, MarshalByRefObject,TransferBytes

10.  Shadowing concept in C#





  1. Diff b/w Interface and abstract class?
  2. Have you ever used enterprise services(COM +) in .NET
  3. In a table .a column gender column is there, while displaying the records instead of M and F Male and Female should be displayed, how to achieve this?
  4. Shadowing





  1. Code access security
  2. How u can return multiple values in C# function in front end and stored procedure in backend? Ans : using out in SP
  3. How to read excel cell from an Excel sheet: Refer Office excel object create instance of work sheet and read the cell
  4. How to read a text file : Ans : File stream

In above two cases performance becomes poor as we are taking large objects. So we        use OLEDB provider concept

  1. private protected modifier in C#
  2. In solution explorer we are having 3 projects, in 3 folders namely- F1,F2 and F3
  3. Default parameter type (value or reference) for a c# function?
  4. How to filter records in dataset? Which method of data view is used?
  5. Use SQLParameter.Add in code behind file instead of writing queries directly(for security reasons)

10.  What is an index? Diff types and differences?

11.  DPAPI is machine dependant used for encrypting connection string .Then 10 clients are connecting to a server so we have to generate DPAPI in all 10 client machines inorder to connect to the server. How to avoid this situation, can you tell me how to avoid this and make use of username and pwd.

12.  User defined data types in DB.

13.  Diff b/w user defined function and stored procedure?

14.  ACID properties

15.  Stored procedure has 2 select stmts and it is returning two result sets, now how to write code in the front end to read the values in 1st and 2nd tables.

Ans: ds.tables [0] and ds.tables [1]

           Ds.MoveNext ()






  1. What is delay signing?
  2. How can you achieve ACID properties?
  3. Different locks in SQL server? What is No Lock? How to achieve it? How concurrency is achieved?
  4. 10 class files are there how many assemblies are created?
  5. What is a workflow?
  6. What is overloading, overriding and shadowing?
  7. collections: IList,ArrayList,IDictionary
  8. Methods in arraylist. advantages of using arraylist 

Ans: Add,Insert,Remove,Removeat,AddRange,RemoveRange,SetRange,GetRange etc

  1. Diff b/w Array and arraylist?

10.  How CAS is implemented?

11.   How to write code CheckALL and UnCheckAll code in datagrid? Which events of the datagrid to be implemented?

12.  UML:

  1. What is Multiplicity
  2. What are Composition and Aggregation?How they are different?
  3. Draw UML diagram for a class Class1 implements another class Class2 and how a class extends another class?


13. RUP (Rational Unified Process)

     a. Different phases

     b. What is the advantage of RUP?


13.  What is XSLT?


14.  Purpose of NANT?


15.  How to write code in NUNIT for following scenarios?

I clicked on a button that is going to insert a new record in a table which is having a primary key. If I click on the same button for the second time without changing values of the controls it should not insert the duplicate record. How to write code in NUNIT to check this condition?


16. What is C# dictionary ? Give syntax and methods provided?

Ans: Dictionary<string,string> dict = new Dictionary<string,string>();

dict .Add(“A”,”Emp1”)



Methods of Dictionary:

Add, Remove, Clear, ContainsValue, ContainsKey, Values, Keys,Cast, Item



17.What is a Static Class?

Ans: It contains only Static Methods

          Private Constructors

         Sealed Class

        It can be initialized using Static Constructor




  1. What are domain controllers?
  2. What is Message Box in Biztalk Server?

Ans : database ( Sqlserver)

  1. What is WebFarm and Clustering?


HeuLabs (Singapore)




PropertyId Name
1 Prop1
2 Prop2



UserId PropertyId UserName
1 1 User1
2 1 User2
3 2 User3
4 2 User4


Write query to get the total number of users for each property?


Ans :

Select Count(*) As TotalUsers,  p.PropertyId from Property P


User U

ON p.PropertyId = U.PropertyId

GroupBy p.PropertyId


2. Select Convert(101, DateColumnName) from Table?

   What is the format in which date is displayed?


3Write Singleton Pattern

  1. Delegates
  2. Write code for Datagrid binding.



Basco Written test


  1. Threading

How to sleep, suspend a thread ?


  1. How Transactions are handled  in webservices?


  1. Isolation Levels in SqlServer?

       Ans: Serializable, Repeatable Read


  1. Try Catch Finally

If an exception raises in Try block whether finally is executed or not

If an exception raised in Finally block what will happen?

What type of code is written in Finally block?


  1. What is ContentUtil method?




  1. What is the .NET base class? What are the methods in it? Ans: System. object, Tostring(),GetHashcode()
  2. What is GetHashcode ()?
  3. What is the diff b/w namespace, assembly & class?
  4. What is singleton pattern? Write the code?
  5. What is reflection?
  6. How to load an assembly in runtime? What is the method to load an assembly?
  7. What is metadata?
  8. What does an assembly contains?
  9. What is a manifest? What is the information that contains in an assembly? What are the things that are in assemblyinfo.cs file?

10.  What is attribute? [seriazable]

11.  How to write custom attribute?

12.  What do you about threading?

13.  Diff types of polymorphism? How virtual class is used?

14.  When we compile a CS file what will the system do? What are the steps internally takes place?

Hint: In command prompt CSC compiler is used.

15.  Diff b/w value types (int, struct, stack) and reference types (class, heap)? Who will take care of value type disposition?


BASCO Systems Interview


  1. What is the difference between autopostback and cross page postback? How to do cross page post back?
  2. What is view state? How it is implemented what is the use of the view state?
  3. What is the use of shared assembly?
  4. Types of authentication in ASP.NET? In which scenario they will be used?
  5. How to implement transactions in back end and front end write the code for it?




  1. How to handle nested transactions in dotnet? Ans: Using System.Transactions
  2. How to write nested stored procedure? How the parameters that should be supplied?

Ans: create procedure proc1


           @param1 int,

           @param2 int,

           @param3 varchar (6)




                     Select * from table where id=@param1

                     Exec proc proc2 (@param2)


  1. How to deploy web part? How to create strong name key? What is the file extension of key file Ans: .snk

How to make the web part domain specific i.e. should be used by our own application.

  1. Package & deployment: If previous version is there without going explicitly to control panel add/remove programs then automatically it should be uninstalled and our new version should be installed. How to write the code or what are the options that are available in setup and deployment package & deployment?
  2. Diff b/w ExecuteReader, Execute Scalar and Execute NonQuery?
  3. diff b/w DataReader and DataSet?
  4. How to reflect the changes done in Dataset to Database? Beofre updating what are the adjustments that are to be done in dataset and dataadapter?What are the XML methods of dataset?

      Ans : Dataadapter.Update()

  1. How to execute  a stored procedure in ADO.NET?
  2. Whay WCF is used in place of web services?what is the speciality of WCF? What is the use of proxy class? How to generate it?

10.  What are the diff OOPS concepts? Explain them.

11.  how to implement singleton pattern? What are the different patterns you know?If you are creating n no. of objects what is the method it is called?

12.  How to make a class non inheritable? How to make a class not to instantiate an object?

13.  diff b/w array and arraylist?

14.  what is the use of partial class?

15.  Different types of JIT compilers?

16.  PInvoke means?






  1. Class A


   String name;

   Int cost;


     We created  6 objects for this class A a= new A();




      While displaying the cost, records should be in sorted order.

    Ans : Use Icomparable

  1. PInvoke?
  2. Multi threading?
  3. Synchronous calls?
  4. Asynchronous calls?But creating threads for asynchronous calls what are the difficulties we will face?
  5. How to use C++(unmanaged) dlls in .NET?
  6. Database design:

Identify master tables and child tables, normalization and denormalization?

  1. If you are deploying a web application then we have to place aspx pages and dlls in the development server.NET internally uses versioning concept no need of dll registering & unregistering.
  2. Windows application: We have installed exe in 100 desktop machines.If you made some changes in the code is it required to reinstall in all the machines.

Ans: No need. Just place the dlls, how to make the system identify the automatic updations.Ans: write scripts what are the interfaces used

10.  What are themes in ASP.NET 2.0

11.  How to insert single and double quote in Database?

Create table emp(empid int,empname varchar(100))

Insert into emp values(1,’emp1’)

Insert into demp values(2,’emp1’’s’)— two single quotes

Insert into emp values(3, ‘ ur’’s state is “AndhraPradesh”’)



EmpId empName
1 Sreedhar
2 Emp1’s
3 Ur’s state is “andhrapradesh”


12.  Diff types of exceptions u handled in ASP.NET in try catch finally blocks?

Ans: Arithmetic exception

        Invalid cast exception













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