Sharepoint Interview Questions 2


1. What are the new features provided in Sharepoint 2007?

2. What are the features of Sharepoint Service Provider ?

3. Difference between Document Library and Form Library?
4. Difference between SpWeb and SPSite?
5. What is Application Definition File?
6.What is Custom List?
7. What is Ghosting and Unghosting?
Ans: If you are creating a master page then it is stored in database.This is called Ghosting( storing in database)
Unghosting: Storing in File System eg: Creating a Theme.
8.If you are creating a custom webpart in Visual Studio or Sp Designer what are all the methods present?
9.You applied a theme in CreateChildControls method. And in Render method you applied another theme.Which appears in webpage?
Ans: Theme applied in Render method
10.Where Viewstate is created in webpart life cycle?
11. Webpart file extension …
Ans: dwp
12. Difference between site template and Site Definition
Ans: Site Template stored as xml file and applied on a single
Site Definition applies on bulk.
13.What are the steps to follow in creating a Site Definition?
Ans: (doubt)
1 st step: edit webtemp.xml file of  sharepointhive/1033/xml/
Here Sharepoint Hive is c:/programfiles/common files/microsoft shared/
2 nd step: paste the custom template in



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