Sharepoint Interview Questions part 4

1. What are the new features that are introduced in SP 2007?
2.Difference between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007?
3. What is a feature in SP?
4.What Application Definition File contains?
5.Difference between SPSite and SPWeb?
6. Explain Object model in Sharepoint?
7. Sharepoint Architecture?
8. Asynchronous and Synchronous events in Sp?

1. Difference b/w Site Definition and Site Template
2. Infopath
3. What is ghosting and unghosting?
4. Diff b/w SPSITE and SPWEB?
5. How to deploy Silverlight application in MOSS?
6. What are webparts?
7. How to write a query in a webpart using out of box functionality in SP?
8. What is Sharepoint?
9. What are the features available in MOSS 2007?
10.what is BDC and how to configure BDC in MOSS?
11.Difference between Solution and Feature?
12. Diff b/w Site Solution and web application?
13. What is Shared Service Provider contains?
14.Security Levels in Sharepoint?
15. In document library user level settings
16. Explain the steps in creating webparts?
17. Difference between solution and feature
18. Difference between Master page and Page Layout
19. Workflow types
20. Infopath forms
21. Difference between Form Library and Doc Library
22. What is collaboration portal
23. Search functionality
24. What is CAML query
25. what does BDC metaman contains
26. Event handling in Sharepoint
27.How to initiate workflow in Sharepoint
28.Difference between site definition and site template
29. How to change Themes
30. What is the use of css in sharepoint


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