Dotnet Interview Questions Part 11- Accenture

  1. What is an interface?
  2. What do you know about web service?
  3. What is a nullable type?
  4. Difference between value type and reference type?
  5. Difference between hash table and array list?
  6. What is a web service?
  7. Diff between string and string builder?

      8.   Diff between user control and custom control. And how to use them?

Regarding the project:

1)      Project explanation

2)      What I have done in the project?

3)      How asked about the database tables and how they are used in the .NET code

4)      Currently what I am doing? For this I said there are some performance issues in the project so we are planning to redesign the project.

Then he asked how we are solving the issues?

SQL Server:

  1. What is a trigger?
  2. What are various types of joins?
  3. What are DML and DDL commands?
  4. Employee table:


EmpId EmpName Place City Country


If country is having null values write a query which replaces null values with India?

Ans : Select Empid, empname ,place,city ,isnull(Country,’india’) from Employee

5. Different types of joins

6. Write a query for Self Join?


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  1. It will be nice in today today find a place where this blogger knows very well about his question.

  2. Ravi says:

    Helpful for Me and Other Freshers,
    Link as,

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