SqlServer Interview Questions

Infosys interview :  (18/7/2010)
Database Design
Dynamic Management Views (DMV)
Diff b/n SP and Trigger
Performance Tuning.

Profiler – [get the db id from sys.databases] LoginUser, SPID, Query Text
DB tuning Advisor – How apply recommendations- By clicking on Apply Button.
It applies statistics to the table for a column.
Statistics in SQL Server

A Sp is taking 45min to execute
How do improve the performance for this SP

— Firstly look for joins and remove unnecessary columns in select statement
— See the execution plan and analyse where the more cost is taking
— If possible try to create indexes and again see the performance
— If it is an OLTP database, create a view with index

Row_Number function

What are the enhancements provided in SQL 2008 at performance level.

What are the tasks done by you in SSIS (Integration Services)
difference between Trigger and Check Constraint
How many system databases are there and what does each db do
Advantages of View
Table Partitions

Types of Trigger

How do u enable paging for a grid with improved performance.


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