Dotnet Interview Questions — Part 3

·         How many ways we can read a XML file and which one is the best way?
·         Can I know what all the interfaces implemented by a class using reflection? If so how?
·         If not what is the alternate?
·         Explain bubble and binary sort techniques?
·         How can you make sure that 2 same DLLs with different versions can be used simultaneously?
·         Differentiate between CLS and CTS?
·         Custom exception class needs to be implement application exception or system exception?
·         Give me first 5 best guidelines for code review?
·         What is appdomain? When we use it and give me 3 advantages of using appdomains?
·         What is isNAN in NUNIT?
·         Why do we have to use attributes , give me one example where you have made use of .Net frame work given attributes
·         Can we change the user in which Windows service is running?
·         How can you debug the code which has written in “On Initialize” event for Windows service?
·         What is anonymous method and give me one example on that
·         Difference between 2nd and 3rd normalization forms?
·         Nth highest salary without using “order by”
·         Example for runtime polymorphism
·         What is setup attribute in nUnit?
·         String is value type or reference type?
·         Boxing and Un-boxing?
·         Difference between server.transfer and response.redirect?


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