.Net Interview Questions –Part 1

One of my friend Siva Kumar attended some interviews recently in the last 2 months (Aug – Sep 2010)
·         Difference between Hash table and dictionary?
·         What is application pooling?
·         How will you host the remoting?
·         How a web request will go along with HTTP?
·         How can I sort items in hash table if the type is string?
·         What is connection pooling?
·         Explain stateless and state full in terms of HTTP and TCP?
·         Rules followed while writing the XSD?
·         Difference between compile time and runtime polymorphism?
·         How can we make sure that dispose method called, which we have not called explicitly?
·         Which serialization is fast and why?
·         Where the shared assemblies located?
·         Biggest problem which has to take care while implementing singleton?
·         Difference between Factory and abstract factory?
·         How to implement custom attributes?
·         Multiple inheritances with interfaces are advantage or workaround?
·         What is the difference between constant and read-only?
·         Scenario:  if you checked out a file and the other person came and checked-out and checked in the same file. While you are checking-in VS prompts with a message that “Some changes have been checked-in” what mechanism has it been used?
·         Scenario: If you have 30 files which are implementing an interface and the application is working fine. But a new requirement has come that 20 files should use same interface and the rest need to add some more functionalities. How can you achieve this?
·         Which Class event we can implement which should come in the last to write your custom code.
·         What is the difference between ref and out?


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