sqlserver cursor


procedure [bouser].[InsertTransfer_delete]


declare @form_no asvarchar(50)declare @from_br asvarchar(50)declare @to_br asvarchar(1000)declare @reccount asinteger


set @reccount = 0declare iws_transfr_detail_cursor cursorforselect form_no, from_br, to_br from dbo.iws_transfr_detail


open iws_transfr_detail_cursorfetchnextfrom iws_transfr_detail_cursor into @form_no, @from_br, @to_brwhile@@FETCH_STATUS= 0Begin


UPDATE IWF_RequestDetails SET NewBranchCode = @from_br , OldBranchCode = @to_brwhere FormNo = @form_noset @reccount = @reccount + 1fetchnextfrom iws_transfr_detail_cursor into @form_no, @from_br, @to_br


print @reccountEndclose iws_transfr_detail_cursordeallocate iws_transfr_detail_cursor


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