Sharepoint 2010 workflows

types of workflows:


2.Content Type (Reusable )

3. Sites

Out of box workflows:


2.Collect feedback

3.Collect signature

4. Three state

5. Disposition

6,Translation Mngt

Defining sharepoint custom sequential workflow thru code:


When to go for Visual Studio workflows in place of sharepoint designers:


When should I use Visual Studio for Workflow?

As I mentioned earlier SharePoint Designer (SPD) is a great platform for developing basic workflows, however it has several limitations and in some cases these can mean that you have to look at Visual Studio as the solution for your workflow design.

In my experience the limitations of SPD are as follows:

  1. Workflows are bound to a specific list/site
     In SPD any workflow you create can only exist on the list (and in the site) that you created the workflow on.  You cannot design a workflow and then move it to another site.
  2. No code support
    You cannot write custom code within the SPD workflow tools.  You can write custom activities to include in SPD, but you would need to do that in Visual Studio anyway.
  3. No WSS Solution Package (WSP) support
    Your workflow will be deployed to the site via SPD and there is no support for packaging these as WSP files, which provide a more maintainable and upgradeable method of deploying customisations to SharePoint.
  4. No support for State Machine workflows
    You can only build Sequential workflows with SPD, there is no support for State Machine Workflows.

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