Sqlserver Query

in sqlserver


u have column1,column2,column3,column4 in a table called table1

table1 structure

1st row : 20,40,30,60

2nd row: 15,30,45,90


expected result :

firstval ,secondval,thirdval

2ndcol/1stcol , 4thcol/3rdcol,     (4thcol/3rdcol)/(2ndcol/1stcol)


for achieving this in a simplified way

select  AAA.FirstValue as firstval,AAA.SecondValue as secondval,(AAA.SecondValue/AAA.FirstValue) As thirdval from (select (column2/coumn1) as FirstValue , (column4/column3) as SecondValue from table1)  as AAA




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