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June 15, 2016


Interview Questions

December 13, 2011

Infosys interview : (18/7/2010)
Database Design Dynamic Management Views (DMV)
Diff b/n SP and Trigger
Performance Tuning.
Profiler – [get the db id from sys.databases] LoginUser, SPID, Query Text DB tuning Advisor –
How apply recommendations- By clicking on Apply Button.
It applies statistics to the table for a column.
Statistics in SQL Server

A Sp is taking 45min to execute How do improve the performance for this SP
— Firstly look for joins and remove unnecessary columns in select statement
— See the execution plan and analyse where the more cost is taking
— If possible try to create indexes and again see the performance
— If it is an OLTP database, create a view with index Row_Number function
What are the enhancements provided in SQL 2008 at performance level.
What are the tasks done by you in SSIS (Integration Services)
difference between Trigger and Check Constraint
How many system databases are there and what does each db do
Advantages of View Table Partitions Types of Trigger
 .Net How do u enable paging for a grid with improved performance.

Dotnet Interview Questions — Part 4

September 7, 2010

 Difference between anchoring and docking?
·         How can you make use COM components in .Net application?
·         How many ways you can deploy an application?
·         When we go for dispose and when we go for Finalize? Why we have to use suppress finalize?
·         If you are using layered architecture where will you handle the exception? Last layer or every layer or any other way?
·         Mirroring concept in SQLServer?
·         Method overloading is an example of polymorphism or not?
·         What are application blocks?
·         Which join you use to get Cartesian product?
·         Give me one example on self join and when will you use it (I mean necessity)?
·         When will you go for abstract classes and when will you go for interfaces? Give a classing real time example
·         If you are using agile Scrum, who is scrum master, sprint time? Product back log? SME?
·         Where do you mention the “Application Error – 404” something like this, if you want to show for any kind of exception?
·         Simplest way to avoid tampering from other parties on a DLL?
·         How many data tables can I have in a dataset?
·         Can I make use of a dataset without using an adapter?
·         How many clustered and not clustered indexes can have a table and what are they, what is the advantage of indexing?
·         Example for early and late binding?
·         Difference between protected and internal? What is the difference between protected internal?
·         Difference between unsafe and unmanaged code?
·         Generics are type safe or tightly coupled or both or none?

Dotnet Interview Questions — Part 3

September 7, 2010

·         How many ways we can read a XML file and which one is the best way?
·         Can I know what all the interfaces implemented by a class using reflection? If so how?
·         If not what is the alternate?
·         Explain bubble and binary sort techniques?
·         How can you make sure that 2 same DLLs with different versions can be used simultaneously?
·         Differentiate between CLS and CTS?
·         Custom exception class needs to be implement application exception or system exception?
·         Give me first 5 best guidelines for code review?
·         What is appdomain? When we use it and give me 3 advantages of using appdomains?
·         What is isNAN in NUNIT?
·         Why do we have to use attributes , give me one example where you have made use of .Net frame work given attributes
·         Can we change the user in which Windows service is running?
·         How can you debug the code which has written in “On Initialize” event for Windows service?
·         What is anonymous method and give me one example on that
·         Difference between 2nd and 3rd normalization forms?
·         Nth highest salary without using “order by”
·         Example for runtime polymorphism
·         What is setup attribute in nUnit?
·         String is value type or reference type?
·         Boxing and Un-boxing?
·         Difference between server.transfer and response.redirect?

.Net Interview Questions — Part 2

September 7, 2010

·         Can I maintain a transaction in another transaction? What are save points?
·         What all the common steps/guide lines that can be taken while writing the stored procedure for good performance?
·         How many types of stored procedures existed?
·         How many types of datasets are existed?
·         Which type of remoting you suggest? Singleton or single call? Why?
·         What is MVC architecture and how can you differentiate with n Tier architecture?
·         What is the difference between layer architecture and tired architecture?
·         How can you manage transaction management if you are working with different types of databases like oracle and sqlserver? For example: u r retrieving the data from SQL server and then updating the data in oracle. You have update oracle data if retrieving the data from sqlserver is success, otherwise you have to rollback the transaction. How can you make it?
·         Difference between UDF’s and stored procedures?
·         What is the difference between abstraction and encapsulation?
·         What is meaning of side by side execution?
·         How can you handle thread synchronization?
·         How many ways you can create the proxy for a web service?
·         Garbage collection in-depth with generations and f-reachable queue?
·         What are the weak-references?
·         What SOAP PROTOCAL?
·         Example with external interfaces?
·         Why do we have to use outproc – state server?
·         After trigger can applicable for update statement?
·         What is adapter pattern and in which case it will be used?

.Net Interview Questions –Part 1

September 7, 2010

One of my friend Siva Kumar attended some interviews recently in the last 2 months (Aug – Sep 2010)
·         Difference between Hash table and dictionary?
·         What is application pooling?
·         How will you host the remoting?
·         How a web request will go along with HTTP?
·         How can I sort items in hash table if the type is string?
·         What is connection pooling?
·         Explain stateless and state full in terms of HTTP and TCP?
·         Rules followed while writing the XSD?
·         Difference between compile time and runtime polymorphism?
·         How can we make sure that dispose method called, which we have not called explicitly?
·         Which serialization is fast and why?
·         Where the shared assemblies located?
·         Biggest problem which has to take care while implementing singleton?
·         Difference between Factory and abstract factory?
·         How to implement custom attributes?
·         Multiple inheritances with interfaces are advantage or workaround?
·         What is the difference between constant and read-only?
·         Scenario:  if you checked out a file and the other person came and checked-out and checked in the same file. While you are checking-in VS prompts with a message that “Some changes have been checked-in” what mechanism has it been used?
·         Scenario: If you have 30 files which are implementing an interface and the application is working fine. But a new requirement has come that 20 files should use same interface and the rest need to add some more functionalities. How can you achieve this?
·         Which Class event we can implement which should come in the last to write your custom code.
·         What is the difference between ref and out?

Interview Questions C#

July 25, 2010


1. what is the difference between view and sp

views cannot take input parameters
sp can take
2. function and sp
3. different objects in sql … table,sp,view
4. different objects in table .. index,keys
5. what is abstract,interfaces
what is the default inheritance used in dotnet
what is multiple and multilevel inheritance
can we inherit multiple interfaces for the same class
what is overriding and overloading

in three tier if u r hardcoding no. of parameters if in future if u r increasing the no. of parameters then how u will handle

in master page u r having a button. how u will raise that event in child control
difference cache and viewstate
what are the steps in reporting services in offline mode
ans :datasets (xsd) files.

6. what is singleton and how to create