Sharepoint Interview Questions part 4

November 28, 2009

1. What are the new features that are introduced in SP 2007?
2.Difference between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007?
3. What is a feature in SP?
4.What Application Definition File contains?
5.Difference between SPSite and SPWeb?
6. Explain Object model in Sharepoint?
7. Sharepoint Architecture?
8. Asynchronous and Synchronous events in Sp?

1. Difference b/w Site Definition and Site Template
2. Infopath
3. What is ghosting and unghosting?
4. Diff b/w SPSITE and SPWEB?
5. How to deploy Silverlight application in MOSS?
6. What are webparts?
7. How to write a query in a webpart using out of box functionality in SP?
8. What is Sharepoint?
9. What are the features available in MOSS 2007?
10.what is BDC and how to configure BDC in MOSS?
11.Difference between Solution and Feature?
12. Diff b/w Site Solution and web application?
13. What is Shared Service Provider contains?
14.Security Levels in Sharepoint?
15. In document library user level settings
16. Explain the steps in creating webparts?
17. Difference between solution and feature
18. Difference between Master page and Page Layout
19. Workflow types
20. Infopath forms
21. Difference between Form Library and Doc Library
22. What is collaboration portal
23. Search functionality
24. What is CAML query
25. what does BDC metaman contains
26. Event handling in Sharepoint
27.How to initiate workflow in Sharepoint
28.Difference between site definition and site template
29. How to change Themes
30. What is the use of css in sharepoint


Sharepoint Interview Questions 3

November 16, 2009
1. Difference between Master page and Page Layout?
2. Sp Object model
3. Write code for looping through doc library and list? How to upload documents into doc library using code?
4. how do you the backup in Sharepoint
Ans: Operations -> Backup And Restore
5. Steps in webpart  deployment . You have no full permissions to deploy in production server. Then how you will deploy?
Ans:Use wssv22 tool. It creates wsp file( Site package file)

6. What are event hanlders in Sharepoint
Ans: Synchronous (ing) and Asynchronous (ed)  doubt

7.In Sp what are event receivers?
Ans: SPList and SpItem.
What is their base class?
Ans: SpReceiverBase

8. Security Permissions in SP?
Ans:   Contributor
           Full Control

9. What are content types?
    In Document Library we have Add Columns , Multi Columns
Ans: check this box  “Calculated Fields” .. I= PNR/100

10. You created Doc Library Templates and HR created another library,Different people in organisation created different documents.
One should not view documents created by others. How to achieve this in Sharepoint?
Ans: Sharepoint Service Provider -> Audience And Targetting

11. What is the use of BDC ?

12. Are you using any tools for BDC? How to configure?

13. You want to get Top 5 records from a database and to display in a webpart. What is the out of box feature available in Sharepoint?
Ans: Use content query webpart.
   It expects database connection and asks for a select query.
There write like this: select top 5 …

14. Infopath and Excel Services

15. Out of Box different workflow types?
Ans:  Sequential

Steps : Initialize

16.What are the steps  in creating a custom them?
Ans: hive/templates/themes
2 ways: 1. Theme gallery
            2. In visual studio how u will or SPDesigner

17. Namespace for webpart

18. UpdateChanges()


Document Library Form Library
excel ,ppt and word ms office + Infopath form + xml files
+ flat files.(This is one of advantages in SPp 2007)

20.  What is in SP collaboration portal ?
a. What is Publish , Unpublish , Report Center and Search Center.
b. Team Site

21. Different between 2007 and 2010?

22.  STSADM  tool is SP Administration. How to create a batch file?

23. What is Server Farm? 
WebFront End Server , Application Server
Microsoft Capacity Planner, SqlServer

24.  Performance Tools in SP
a. Search Tools
b. How to do crawling in content management

25. Sp + Silverlight 

26. Difference WSS 3.0 and SP 2007

27. Difference Site Collection and Sites

28. Backup Restore tools

29. Webpart tools (See: Litware site)

30. How many Shared Providers can be created?
Ans: No Limit

31.  Form Authentication
Ans:Create SqlProvider .Use SQLRegIIS.exe

32. Single Sign On

33. Any difference in time between SPTime and Sqlserver?
Ans: Yes

34.  Write CAML sample query

Sharepoint Interview Questions 2

November 13, 2009


1. What are the new features provided in Sharepoint 2007?

2. What are the features of Sharepoint Service Provider ?

3. Difference between Document Library and Form Library?
4. Difference between SpWeb and SPSite?
5. What is Application Definition File?
6.What is Custom List?
7. What is Ghosting and Unghosting?
Ans: If you are creating a master page then it is stored in database.This is called Ghosting( storing in database)
Unghosting: Storing in File System eg: Creating a Theme.
8.If you are creating a custom webpart in Visual Studio or Sp Designer what are all the methods present?
9.You applied a theme in CreateChildControls method. And in Render method you applied another theme.Which appears in webpage?
Ans: Theme applied in Render method
10.Where Viewstate is created in webpart life cycle?
11. Webpart file extension …
Ans: dwp
12. Difference between site template and Site Definition
Ans: Site Template stored as xml file and applied on a single
Site Definition applies on bulk.
13.What are the steps to follow in creating a Site Definition?
Ans: (doubt)
1 st step: edit webtemp.xml file of  sharepointhive/1033/xml/
Here Sharepoint Hive is c:/programfiles/common files/microsoft shared/
2 nd step: paste the custom template in


Sharepoint Interview Questions Topics I

November 11, 2009

1. Difference between WSS & MOSS

2. Webparts and Deployment

3. Difference between Document Library and Picture Library

4. Event Handlers : What is the base Class?

Ans : SPEventReceiverBase

5. Content Type

6. Site Templates

For resuability it is used.

7.How to display a pdf icon when it is uploaded into Document Library?

Ans : Use IFilter of Pdf

8. SP object model

9. Features

10. workflows (out of the box and custom workflows)

11. Deployment of Workflows using WSP, Cab?

Tools to remember:


1. WSPBuilder (codeplex)

2. BDC Metaman (U2Usite)

3.CAMLQuery Builder(U2U site)

4. Stramit  Query Viewer (

5. SonofSmartPart webpart