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June 15, 2016


Dotnet Interview Questions Part 11- Accenture

December 3, 2009
  1. What is an interface?
  2. What do you know about web service?
  3. What is a nullable type?
  4. Difference between value type and reference type?
  5. Difference between hash table and array list?
  6. What is a web service?
  7. Diff between string and string builder?

      8.   Diff between user control and custom control. And how to use them?

Regarding the project:

1)      Project explanation

2)      What I have done in the project?

3)      How asked about the database tables and how they are used in the .NET code

4)      Currently what I am doing? For this I said there are some performance issues in the project so we are planning to redesign the project.

Then he asked how we are solving the issues?

SQL Server:

  1. What is a trigger?
  2. What are various types of joins?
  3. What are DML and DDL commands?
  4. Employee table:


EmpId EmpName Place City Country


If country is having null values write a query which replaces null values with India?

Ans : Select Empid, empname ,place,city ,isnull(Country,’india’) from Employee

5. Different types of joins

6. Write a query for Self Join?

Dotnet Interview Questions Part VI

October 30, 2009


Keane India


  1. Biztalk

What are functoids ? String functoids, Value functoids


  1. Runtime Polymorphism

(or Overloading or Late Binding)


       Eg: int function1(int a, int b)

              int function1(float a,float b)

              int function1(int a, int b,int c)

              float function1(int a , int b)


  1. What is function overriding?


  1. Difference between interface and abstract?


  1. Give example for Self Join?





EmpId DeptId EmpName
1 1 Emp1
2 1 Emp2
3 2 Emp3
4 2 Emp4
5 2 Emp5
6 2 Emp6




DeptId DeptName


Required Result should appear like the below:


DeptId DeptName NumberOfEmployees
1 CSE 2
2 MECH 4



Select Emp.DeptId, Dept.DeptName, Count(*) As NumberOfEmployees from

Employee Emp inner join Department Dept

On Emp.DeptId = Dept.DeptId

Group by Emp.DeptId, Dept.DeptName




Department (Master table)

DeptId DeptName


Employee (Child Table)

EmpId EmployeeName DeptId
1 Emp1 Null
2 Emp2 Null


Can we insert null value in deptid column in Employee table (child table)?


Ans : Yes (doubt)




Employee table : Here EmployeeName has unique constraint

EmpId EmployeeName
1 Emp1
2 Emp2


Can we insert a null value for EmployeeName 2 times simultaneously like:


Insert into Employee values(3,null)

   … Success

Insert into Employee values(4,null)

   … Failure

Insert into Employee values(5,’’)


Insert into Employee values(6,’’)





RealSoft Inc. Bangalore


  1. Caching



            a. Output (Page)

    1.  Fragment
    2. Data



  1. How values can be maintained in cross paging

Ans: Get,Post,cache, Application variable, Sessionss


  1. What are delegates ? Different types? How to create and when to use them?


  1. What are custom controls and user controls in Asp.Net


Custom Controls have these methods: CreateChildNode(), Render()

UserControls have RaiseEvent() method


UserControl Custom Control


Will be included in Toolbox framework


Can be used in any project


5.What are the methods of webparts?

   CreateChildControls, render


   What are the controls that are present in Toolbox for Webpart?

   WebPartManager, WebPart Zone etc..


   How to debug and deploy a webpart


  1. Different UML diagrams

     Ans:Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams


  1. Xml


  1. WebServices


  1. Difference b/w Sqlserver 2000 and 2005


  1. What are the methods in DataView?

Ans: sorting, finding records by using RowFilter


10.If we made any modifications in  a dataset then what is the method ?

Ans : Update

How many operations are performed ?

Ans: Only the updated records

If  new records are inserted then how it effects?


  1. Different types of css styles


  1. page level


 Function cssfunction()


Font: bold;

Sixe: 10;




<input type = text class= cssfunction()></input>



2nd Type:


In Form2.css we have defined all functions of css

And in Form3.aspx we are using these functions by using link tag




<link href=form2.css >









3rd  Type : Control Level


<input type = “text” class = font:bold/>