GreatPlains notes

May 27, 2009

addins folder — place the dlls there (for adding menu bar)

dexterity extend it
add reference to,

We can add custom fields and form

gpconnect for database connection

Open registry and navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\UsbStor

Now in the right pane, double-click Start and type 4 in the Value data box (Hexadecimal) and quite the registry editor. To enable the USB storage devices, change the Start value back to 3.

No matter how good the protection tricks are, determined people always find workarounds. Here are some of the tricks that may render the above methods unusable:

I could able to write an application in visual studio then kept that dll in GP/Addins folder. Then I opened Gp environment . I used RMCUstomerMaintenance in code. So I went to Cards->Sales-> Customer. It is showing this alert ” you must grant security access for the alternate customer maintenance window GP”. what may be the problem??

Greatplains you do not have permissions to open dynamics.dic


This information is intended for developers who have already created business
components for Business Portal 3 that they would like to upgrade. It is not intended
for developers who want to create new  entities for Business Portal 4. New
development for Business Portal 4 should focus on using web services to provide
access to third-party data.
Sample demos of GP


GP competitor : quickbooks


My first post here and my first post published

March 13, 2009

Hi friends,

I am Sreedhar Ambati one of the Bdotnet member from almost 2 yrs.

I always used to give feedbacks for the sessions  and always want to create a healthy environment surrounding me.

After seeing the speakers and their commitment I want to contribute to communities.

I tried 4 times for publishing articles.

Now I am successful in my 5th attempt.

My article on “Microsoft Great Plains integration capabilities using Dexterity and Visual Studio” was  published in  csharpcorner site.

I am working for Protean Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. We are working on MS CRM space.

 During my internal training I got an opportunity to see Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.

Thanks to Sreejith one of the best PMs of Proteans.

After attending the training I understood the importance of Great Plains and I don’t want to waste the effort of the speaker.

I replicated the training examples and gave a step by step introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains integration capabilities from a developer angle. I spent lot of time for preparing this to make it a good article.

In Dynamics space there is a very big void space and its difficult to find articles from a developer angle. Everybody explains the theoretical part. So I chose practical part of it. I tried to frame in such a way that one can start writing coding in GreatPlains after following the steps mentioned in the article.

I always use to collect lot of information and it is very hard to get information from people who are working on Products because of the existing competitive environment.

Really Microsoft Dynamics product suite is cool and good. But there is no systematic help even from Microsoft too.

I want you people to visit the below link and give your valuable feedback. Based on the response I want to focus on my future steps and articles.

My article:


Sreedhar Ambati (One stop for all events in Bangalore)

…Om Jaganath….