Interview Questions Part V

October 26, 2009
1. How you loop through SPList and SpDocumentLibrary . Give code snippets
 Ans : SPSite, SPWeb, SPList,SPQuery
         foreach(ListItemCollection item in ListItems)
2. Default database for Sharepoint
3. Differences b/w wss and Portal Server Moss
4. Deployment of WebPart
5. In Asp.Net how to create webparts
6. What is the use of STSADM
7.  Extension of webpart Ans: .dwp  
8.  Base class of WebPart
9.  2 textboxes are there . I want to add the values of the textboxes and display the result. What is the best approach? Ans: Go for javascript client side
10. Can  a clustered index be created on a table that does nt have primary key
   Ans: Yes (doubt)
11. New concepts in SqlServer 2005
Ans : Service Broker
SSIS is called DTS
What are analysis services
Notification Services
XML datatype
Try Catch
12. How error handling is done in aspx page
ans: a. use try catch
        b. use web.config, global.asax .there you can find events for error handling (Application_Error)
13. Caching.
14. Private , Shared  and Satellite Assemblies
15. What is Server Farm in SharePoint
    Server Farm = Web farm in dotnet . Used for load balancing
Genesys II nd Round
1. architecture
2. Difference b/w Dataset and Datareader
3. What is the return value for the following :
      a. ExecuteReader    … . Reader
      b. ExecuteScalar     …. first row first column value
      c. ExecuteNonQuery …. Integer type, no. of rows affected
4. Default session TimeOut value in
 Ans : 20 mins
How to avoid session timeout even after 20 mins. ie how to keep session alive
Ans : Meta Tag
<HTTP Equiv-Meta = >
5.  Where ViewState is stored
6.   How many viewstates can be created when 10 webcontrols are placed in a form?
Ans: Only one for all 10 webcontrols
7.  If the size of the contents in ViewState is increased then values will be truncated in ViewState .How to increase the size of ViewState?
Ans: Increase Page Limit in Page Directive
8.Two simultaneous updations are going on a record in Dotnet. How to rectify?
Ans: Use Transactions
9. Ado.Net DataRelation Syntax
Ans:  datarelation(“drname”, dataset1.columnname, dataset2.columnname)
10. After getting data into dataset if five records are updated then how to reflect these changes into databases also?
Ans: Use AcceptChanges
11. Methods of DataSet and DataAdapter
What is the method that is  used to insert one new record ?
Genesys III rd Round
1. In Form tag in aspx page what is the default submission method? (Get or Post)?
2. What is ServiceContract in WCF?
3. How to create proxy class using SVCUtility?
4. If you are writing your own webservice then WSDL will be created?
5. Temportary Tables in RAM
@@  global variables :  @@Error, @@RowCount
@  local variables
# Temporary Table
6. Two sps having a temporary table with the same name.So it must be dropped in SP explicitly ,otherwise conflicts occurs
7 . Ajax
Two datagrids are there in web page. One is normal one and other is ajax datagrid.
Ans: Ajax DataGrid used partial rendering
8. What is GET and POST
9. Diff b/w Interface and Abstract class
10. FullText search(also SQL Search) and WildCard character Search
11. How to create UserDefined Functions (UDF) in Sqlserver
1. Types of testing : WhiteBox, BlackBox
2.  How to debug applications
3. Which object model you are using in Sharepoint
4. What is Polymorphism
5. Ado.Net objects
6. How to call stored procedure in
 Ans: Command.Type = “Stored Procedure”
        Command.Text = “sp name”

Dotnet Interview Questions 2

October 11, 2009
    1. Global.asax Events
    2. What are Enumerators? Iterators? Indexers? Array Lists? Hash tables?
    3. Difference between System.Copy.Array () and System. Clone ()?
    4. What is serialization? Difference types of serialization? How they will be related to above question?
    5. Difference types of cursors?
    6. Deterministic and Nondeterministic destruction?
    7. ASP.NET page life cycle
    8. Datagrid events
    9. Types of triggers
      • After
      • Before
      • Insteadof
    10. Types of cursors.
      • Forward Only
      • Static
      • KeySet
      • Dynamic
    11. Types of Stored procedures
      • Extended Stored procedures
      • User defined stored procedures
            12.    Initial Catalog – Database name   Data Source – Server Name
            13.    <Sessionstate mode=
      • ”inproc” (within the same aspnet_wp process)
      • “SQLServer” (db tables)
      • “Stateserver” (aspnet_state.exe our application is in one process and state  management variables(i.e. application session variables) in another process .Both will communicate with TPC/IP)
           14.     What is impersonation?
           15.     Authorization tag syntax in web.config?
           16.     What are cookieless sessions and persistent sessions?
           17.     What is SQL Injection
 JavaStream  Technologies
  1. Difference between web.config and machine.config?what is the main use of these files?
  2. What is caching? Types
  3.  Difference between Dataset and Datareader? Internal architecture? when and in which scenarios they will be used?
  4. 3 tier architecture.why it is preferrable than single tier architecture?Ans: Reusable class files
  5. Hidden variables,State variables?
  6. Session objects and application objects
  7. Access specifiers in C#
  8. Stored procedure use:
  9. Web services
  10. Triggers
  11. IIS Architecture : How IIS interacts with ASP page?
  12. ASP objects – Session,Response,Request,
  13. Response.Redirect,Server.Transfer,Server.Execute?
  14. Request.Querystring – Get and post methods
  15. Datagrid page index,db connections
  16. Data repeater
  17. How to do validations  in Javascript?
  18. C# collections
  19. In sql server u have an o/p parameter then how to get that in front end?- output direction
  20. Oops concepts
  21. .NET security
  22. DTO collections