My first article in CodeProject site

April 8, 2009

From my Btech days I used to visit site for getting sample code.

After a long time I got a chance to contribute to that site.


My article on  “Creating Check All Uncheck All Grid view Web part with Paging, Sorting Functionalities in SharePoint 2007 in a Step by Step Manner ” was published in site.

And the url is

I developed this web part for one of the project.

This article helps:

  1. To know how to provide sorting, paging, Check All and Uncheck All functionality for a gridview in SharePoint
  2. To read a SharePoint custom list and bind it to ASP.NET Gridview control
  3. To know how to call a User control in a SharePoint web part
  4. To understand how to deploy the web part
  5. To know how to debug the web part