Second Article in Codeproject SPGridview Sharepoint

April 20, 2009

recently wrote an article on Creating CheckAll UncheckAll Gridview webpart with Paging,Sorting functionalities in Sharepoint 2007 in step by step manner in CodeProject site at[]

Now another article was published in CodeProject
 “Creation of a SPGridview webpart having pagination, sorting , filtering functionalities in sharepoint site in step by step manner”. Link is
In this article I am using inbuilt SPGridview control of Sharepoint server for creating gridview webpart having pagination, sorting and filtering functionalities.
·         Creating SPGridview webpart
·         Different models of Pagination
·         Sorting
·         Filtering

Brief introduction about myself:
I am Sreedhar Ambati having 5+ yrs of experience in Microsoft technologies like Asp,VB, ,,, Sharepoint Server 2007, SqlServer, Microsoft Dynamics suite like MS CRM, GreatPlains and Business Portal.
I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in Proteans Software Engineer in Bangalore India.
About my company:
“Proteans a CAMO group company is an outsourcing company focusing on software product development and business application development on Microsoft Technology Platform. “Committed to consistently deliver high-quality software products and services through continual improvement of our knowledge and practices focused on increased customer satisfaction.”

This article is unique as I am creating a Gridview webpart using inbuilt SPGridview control which has sorting , filtering functionalities along with different modes of pagination

Thanks & Regards,
Sreedhar Ambati